Flyers Draft Recap

There’s a lot to dive into here.  Free agency starts in a couple of days, but both the Expansion Draft and Entry Draft happened the last couple of days.  We’ll start with the who Vegas took from the Flyers and move on to who Philly added.

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Offseason Musings: Should the Flyers Trade G?

“The Flyers were looking to trade Giroux at the deadline.”

Someone I know told me recently.  I admit, I was a little surprised, but then I realized, yeah, it makes sense.

Some people just rolled their eyes and stopped reading this article.  Some are thinking “Giroux sucks, get rid of him,” while others are wondering why I’m even bringing this up.  Well, should they?

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The Flyers 50th Season in Review

Another early golfing year for the Orange and Black.  It feels weird to say that as I grew up in a time when the Flyers were perennially fighting in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  But recently, missing the postseason has been all too common.

Though the Flyers eventually missed the playoffs, they did have some memorable parts of the year and also some parts many fans would rather forget.

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