Bachelorette Intro Rundown!



Finally.  At long last, we are reunited with ABC’s darling drama, The Bachelorette.  This year’s Bachelorette crop looks like a Nick Saban recruiting class – there’s a little bit of everything.  Some black, some white, a Samoan, and some wildcards.  This colorful crop of men is competing for the heart of Rachel, a Texas lawyer who was outdone last year by a hillbilly and an aspiring actress in the quest for 50% of Nick’s assets love.  The first episode is always a reminder to society that these people are real Americans that pay taxes and have the right to vote and procreate freely.  It’s a testament to the power of love, as a group of men rely on unemployment checks and high-interest loans to live in high-end suits, $60 V-neck tees, and extremely short swim trunks in a quest for romance.  It’s intro night.  Let’s hit it.

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120 Minutes of Glory

So I watched The Bachelor last night.  I wasn’t sure how comfortable I’d be saying that, but 10 minutes in I hit pause and grabbed a notepad because the world needed to know how I felt.  The following is a summary of my initial reactions to the cast of characters being introduced on the season premier.  Please keep in mind that I have no past history other than an episode here and there and have never seen any of the cast prior to last night.

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