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Week 1 – Eagles at Redskins

Eagles (0-0) at Redskins (0-0) – PHI -1.5


Game Ball – Offense: Torrey Smith. I expect Norman to shadow Alshon and that leaves Smith with an opportunity to shine (assuming the OLine gives Wentz enough time to throw it down field.) I expect 70+ and a TD for Smith.

Game Ball – Defense: Derek Barnett. I have flashbacks of Wentz getting shut down by Kerrigan last year and I think it’s time for payback. I think the rookie records his first sack in an impressive regular-season debut.

Prediction: 31-24. It stays close for the majority of the game but the Birds get some separation towards the end. I’ll take the Eagles to cover, easily. I’m bullish on them right now.


Game Ball – Offense: Alshon Jeffery. Alshon is on a one year prove yourself deal making his debut in green. Carson Wentz struggled last year because he didn’t have anyone to throw to. That’ll be different with Jeffrey out there and Wentz is going to go to him often. He’ll break 100 yards receiving.

Game Ball – Defense: Ronald Darby. Another first-year Eagle, Darby will make the Matthews trade look good. He’s not going to be overly noticeable, but he’ll make a couple tackles and play some strong defense.

Prediction: 27-23. It’ll be close but the Eagles hold on. Washington will be trying to figure themselves out this early in the season


Game Ball – Offense: Wendell Smallwood. I know the Eagles did not run the ball that well during the preseason; however, I have a feeling Wendell is going to have a big day. During the third preseason game, he looked fast and elusive. If the Eagles are going to be successful they are going to need to run the ball well, and I believe Smallwood is their best chance. I think there is a legitimate chance Smallwood emerges as a solid NFL running back this season.

Game Ball – Defense: Fletcher Cox. Cox got embarrassed last year by Brandon Sherff and this is his opportunity to redeem himself. The additions of Jernigan and Barnett should alleviate some pressure from Cox and I believe he will have a big year generating pressure up the middle.

Prediction: 34-13 I really think the Eagles will come out and make a statement week 1. It appears that the division is wide open right now and a less talented Washington presents the opportunity for the Eagles to send a message to the rest of the division early on in the season.  I’m riding with the Eagles at -1.5.


Game Ball – Offense: Carson Wentz. He’s been super impressive throughout camp and despite an up and down preseason, I think we get #TrainingCampCarson. I’m banking on the fact that Doug showed absolutely nothing in preseason and is ready to let his prodigy loose against a suddenly weak Washington Football Team secondary.

Game Ball – Defense: Mychal Kendricks. Let’s see if he can keep the preseason momentum going. If the secondary holds up, Jim Schwartz will be able to get creative and that’s where Kendricks can shine – as an attacker.

Prediction: 31-17. As Lane said, they’re going to whoop that ass. -1.5 on the road is a stone lock for a W!



Predicting the 53-Man Roster

As we near the NFL’s “cut-day”, Holden and I take a crack at projecting the 2017 Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles 53-man roster.  What’s on the line?  Pride.  Maybe lunch.  Probably just pride.


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NBA Mock Draft

I had planned to do a piece outlining the most likely outcomes of the Sixers draft…but then this weekend happened.  In case you live under a rock or Al Gore revoked your internet privileges, the Philadelphia 76ers made a big move to secure the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.  I’ll have draft profiles and scouting reports for all of the Sixers selections in the coming weeks.

Let’s all celebrate the big news by listening to the greatest song ever recorded while you read through my predicted selections that will more than likely be incorrect!  CLAP YOUR HANDS!

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NBA Draft – Top 50 Prospects

As we approach next Thursday’s NBA Draft, here is a look at my ranking of the top 50 players in the draft.  As of 6/15, all international players listed have remained in the draft pool.  Please keep in mind that this NOT a Sixers-centric draft board, but an overall look at the prospects from an unbiased view of the league.  Player comparisons are not best-case or worst-case, but a player who in my opinion represents a fair projection of their abilities within a few seasons.

To download a copy of the rankings, click here

draft photo

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Bachelorette Intro Rundown!



Finally.  At long last, we are reunited with ABC’s darling drama, The Bachelorette.  This year’s Bachelorette crop looks like a Nick Saban recruiting class – there’s a little bit of everything.  Some black, some white, a Samoan, and some wildcards.  This colorful crop of men is competing for the heart of Rachel, a Texas lawyer who was outdone last year by a hillbilly and an aspiring actress in the quest for 50% of Nick’s assets love.  The first episode is always a reminder to society that these people are real Americans that pay taxes and have the right to vote and procreate freely.  It’s a testament to the power of love, as a group of men rely on unemployment checks and high-interest loans to live in high-end suits, $60 V-neck tees, and extremely short swim trunks in a quest for romance.  It’s intro night.  Let’s hit it.

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2017 NBA Draft: May Big Board & Mock Draft


First things first, take a look at this Bleacher Report article about the Rights to Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party on Tuesday night.  Notice anyone in particular wearing neon shirts with a goat on it?  That’s right.  The sons have gone global.

Second, there will be plenty of draft coverage to come over the next month.  In the coming weeks, our coverage will include:

  • Top 50 Prospect Rankings
  • Full First-Round Mock Draft
  • Sixers Draft/Trade Alternatives
  • Holden’s Mock Draft/Hot Takes/Heat Check Extravaganza

It will be a busy but fun month for us here, so stay tuned for all of your draft needs.

For past versions click here: January – February – March – April

Top 15 Prospects

1 – Markelle Fultz (PG – 6’4” 195 lbs, Washington – FR)  —  previous rank: 1

2 – Lonzo Ball (PG – 6’6” 190 lbs, UCLA – FR)  —  previous rank: 2

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