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No, the Phillies shouldn’t bring up _________.

20170524_192559If you turn on Philly sports radio, you’ll hear some version of a common discussion that’s permeated pretty much every show from Angelo Cataldi to Mike Missanelli.

“The Phillies suck and need to call up [insert minor leaguer here].”

It’s an intriguing notion, but one that I wholeheartedly disagree with. Continue reading


Draft Recap: What We Thought

nfldraft_c-smyth_08-780uw-780x480After all the nervous anticipation, the 2017 NFL Draft has come and gone. Philadelphia has received broad acclaim for turning the sometimes monotonous event into a full-on football experience. But more importantly, the Philadelphia Eagles have a crop of new players. So, with that in mind, the gang answered a few questions:

The picks are in. The 2017 Bears are the Browns of yesteryear. The Eagles have an exciting new talent corps. What grade are you giving the Eagles for this draft? Continue reading

Free Agency Roundup – What We Thought

What grade would you give the Eagles’ free agent moves?

Dan – I give them an A. We all know the wide receivers were terrible last year. Howie knew it too. He went out and fixed it. I’m a fan of the talent he brought in. I don’t think Torey Smith is done. I think he was in a bad spot on a bad team. I expect a bounce back year. Taking a chance on Chance Warmack (see what I did there?) was a good move. A change of scenery could be very beneficial for him. Continue reading

We Need to Talk about Bryan

I’m a public relations manager by trade. It’s my job to ensure that the organization I work for is appropriately represented in the industries we operate in, and elsewhere. And so, from a public relations perspective, I can say without a doubt in my mind that the Philadelphia 76ers front office is a dumpster fire right now. Continue reading

Carson, Stills & Cook

I’ll admit, during the He Who Must Not Be Named purge of Eagles talented players, I was cautiously optimistic he knew what he was doing.  I willingly accepted excuses like “he wanted too much money,” “he’s not a North-South runner,” and the even more pathetic “he has gang ties.” I’m embarrassed to admit I was willing to look past the incredibly horrendous moves made by the general manager/head coach/egotistical tyrant in the hope of something different.  But we were all of us deceived. Continue reading

Carson Needs His Gat

carson-wentz-qb-waiver-wire-week-5If you’re like me (and every other pro football fan), then you love digesting every possible mock draft you can get your hands on. I spend more time than I’d like to admit scouring the latest mocks to see where some of my favorite college players are going, and what player is mocked to the Eagles. In a year where the Eagles needs have been so clearly on display, I find myself even more intrigued by all these hypotheticals. Continue reading

A Way Too Early W/L Prediction for the 2017 Birds

It’s just about that time of year where Eagles fans are looking ahead to the next iteration of the Birds. If you’re interested in draft predictions, go ahead and check out Holden’s 2017 Mock. Today, though, I’m going to take a way too early look at the Eagles 2017 schedule and try to come up with some win/loss predictions. Continue reading