We like sports and we don’t care who knows it. We’re four guys from Springfield. We’ve wanted to write about Philly sports for a long time now, but we finally got our act together. Welcome to the internet’s newest home for hot takes. When we’re not writing you can find us eating hoagies on the trashcans outside of Wawa.


Dan Bergels – 5’8″ when I wear boots. Sometimes bearded. Penn State grad. George Washington grad. Sports fan. I like bacon. I hate syntax. I like dogs. I’m indifferent about cats. I could continue but we both know you’re just here for the hot takes.

Matt DeBernardi – Ran a 4.4 20 at the combine.  More quick than fast.  Last one in, first one out.  If there’s rats in your gym, find a new one.  Temple alum.  I like the Sixers way too much.  Could have played in the NBA if I had my growth spurt sooner.  Everyone wrote in short sentences.  So I did too.  Rocky IV ended the Cold War.

Kirk Dyson – Built like a tree.  Proud Penn State grad.  History buff.  PA to ME.  I suck at writing bios.  I like hockey, eating too much and long walks on the beach.  I also like to think I’m funny.

Holden McKinney – Avid Philadelphia sports fan. Amateur NFL draft expert. Lover of basketball. Connoisseur of craft beer, whiskey and cheese. Foodie. Outdoorsman. Household chef. Proud Temple alumnus. Man of leisure.