Week 3 – Giants at Eagles

Giants (0-2) at Eagles (1-1) – PHI -6
We weren’t able to put up a post for Week 2, but trust that we all accurately predicted the exact score.


Even though the line’s been growing over the past few days, I’ll take the Eagles to cover regardless. Despite some miscues and mistakes, I think the Eagles showed some promise against a very talented Chiefs team.

OFF Standout – Zach Ertz. Through the first two games of the season, Ertz has emerged as Carson Wentz’s safety blanket and they seem to have a good rapport. I’d love to say that Torrey Smith is going to be the guy, but he still seems to have a disconnect when it comes to Wentz. Either Wentz is missing on the deep ball, or Smith is dropping a TD. So, until I see more from them, Ertz is the guy.

DEF Standout – Fletcher Cox. The addition of Jernigan seems to have made a huge impact on the ability of Fletcher Cox to get to the QB. This defensive front has been a terror through the first two weeks and I think a matchup against a Giants offensive line in disarray should bode well again for Cox.

Score: Eagles, 34-17. The Giants look like a dumpster fire right now and I don’t think the Eagles pass up a chance to hand them their second divisional loss before the end of September. Couple that with the fact the Birds are playing in their home opener and I think we’re looking at a perfect storm.


Eagles cover easily – on paper, this is a match-up you don’t have to overthink. Giants haven’t scored 20 points in a game since last November and can’t protect their QB. The Eagles can score and rush the passer. Easy money. (I hope I don’t regret this.)

OFF Standout – LeGarrette Blount. This isn’t a logical pick as both Blount and the Eagles haven’t shown anything in the run game all year. But in a game where I expect the Giants to be put away early, Blount may have the opportunity to pound the rock and establish something on the ground – which would be a welcome addition to the offense.

DEF Standout – Vinny Curry. Many would pick Brandon Graham here, but he will be up against the right tackle all game, and all I want is Ereck Flowers on the left side. Curry had a shot to alter the outcome in KC when he nearly brought down Alex Smith late in the 4th. He’ll redeem himself this weekend going up against the worst offensive lineman in the NFL.

Score: Eagles, 34-10. Giants need a W and you can usually throw out logic and recent trends in a divisional game, but I am just going to stick to the X’s and O’s here. The Giants will be outmatched by the Eagles and even if they can muster up a great defensive effort to slow us down, their offense simply cannot put points on the board.


Eagles cover the spread. The Giants have looked like anything but a functional team in the first two weeks and though I once had a Giants fan tell me “you can’t spell elite without Eli” he can’t do much when he doesn’t have time.

OFF Standout – Carson Wentz. I’ll jump on the Wentz Wagon this week. If for no other reason than Doug Pederson wants to throw for 85 percent of his offensive plays.

DEF Standout – I’m taking liberties and just saying the defensive line. The Giants O-line is a dumpster fire so I expect the front four to get to Eli all day.

Score: Eagles, 27-6. OBJ is still banged up and the Giants running game is worse than the Eagles. This shouldn’t be close.


I think this has the potential to be a trap game for the Eagles, but it’s also an opportunity for the Eagles to make a statement in the division. I’m going with the latter. The Eagles will cover easily in this game. The ineptitude of the Giants offense will continue and Eli will be making Eli face after the first quarter.

OFF Standout – Nelson Agholor – That’s right, Agholor is primed to have a big game. The Giants will most likely be preoccupied with the other weapons on the Eagles roster, freeing up Agholor to have a big game.

DEF Standout – Vinny Curry – Curry should be matched up against Ereck Flowers, which would be a good matchup for a DE from St. Francis. I predict a multiple sack game from Curry this weekend.

Score: Eagles, 17-9. I still think the Giants defense is a tough matchup for the Eagles, especially with an underperforming O-line.




Week 1 – Eagles at Redskins

Eagles (0-0) at Redskins (0-0) – PHI -1.5


Game Ball – Offense: Torrey Smith. I expect Norman to shadow Alshon and that leaves Smith with an opportunity to shine (assuming the OLine gives Wentz enough time to throw it down field.) I expect 70+ and a TD for Smith.

Game Ball – Defense: Derek Barnett. I have flashbacks of Wentz getting shut down by Kerrigan last year and I think it’s time for payback. I think the rookie records his first sack in an impressive regular-season debut.

Prediction: 31-24. It stays close for the majority of the game but the Birds get some separation towards the end. I’ll take the Eagles to cover, easily. I’m bullish on them right now.


Game Ball – Offense: Alshon Jeffery. Alshon is on a one year prove yourself deal making his debut in green. Carson Wentz struggled last year because he didn’t have anyone to throw to. That’ll be different with Jeffrey out there and Wentz is going to go to him often. He’ll break 100 yards receiving.

Game Ball – Defense: Ronald Darby. Another first-year Eagle, Darby will make the Matthews trade look good. He’s not going to be overly noticeable, but he’ll make a couple tackles and play some strong defense.

Prediction: 27-23. It’ll be close but the Eagles hold on. Washington will be trying to figure themselves out this early in the season


Game Ball – Offense: Wendell Smallwood. I know the Eagles did not run the ball that well during the preseason; however, I have a feeling Wendell is going to have a big day. During the third preseason game, he looked fast and elusive. If the Eagles are going to be successful they are going to need to run the ball well, and I believe Smallwood is their best chance. I think there is a legitimate chance Smallwood emerges as a solid NFL running back this season.

Game Ball – Defense: Fletcher Cox. Cox got embarrassed last year by Brandon Sherff and this is his opportunity to redeem himself. The additions of Jernigan and Barnett should alleviate some pressure from Cox and I believe he will have a big year generating pressure up the middle.

Prediction: 34-13 I really think the Eagles will come out and make a statement week 1. It appears that the division is wide open right now and a less talented Washington presents the opportunity for the Eagles to send a message to the rest of the division early on in the season.  I’m riding with the Eagles at -1.5.


Game Ball – Offense: Carson Wentz. He’s been super impressive throughout camp and despite an up and down preseason, I think we get #TrainingCampCarson. I’m banking on the fact that Doug showed absolutely nothing in preseason and is ready to let his prodigy loose against a suddenly weak Washington Football Team secondary.

Game Ball – Defense: Mychal Kendricks. Let’s see if he can keep the preseason momentum going. If the secondary holds up, Jim Schwartz will be able to get creative and that’s where Kendricks can shine – as an attacker.

Prediction: 31-17. As Lane said, they’re going to whoop that ass. -1.5 on the road is a stone lock for a W!