Watch: Phillies Prospect JP Crawford Pulls Off Greatest Inside the Park Home Run

In a year that the Phillies have, yet again, left fans wanting more, any little bit of good news is good news.

J.P. Crawford, the probable future shortstop of the Phillies, pulled off arguably the best play in the Phillies whole system this season.  Just watch.

There are so many good things about this play, I don’t even know where to start.  But I guess the beginning is good.

Crawford crushed that pitch.  It didn’t leave the park, but he knocked the crap out of the ball.  His hustle all the way around the bases is evident, another good sign in a player that is accused of dogging it at times.  And finally…


I don’t know what the catcher was thinking.  Maybe he thought Crawford was giving up, “Aw, shucks, you got me.” I don’t know any other explanation, he stood there like Frankenstein, all stiff without a clue what to do.

But the credit has to go to Crawford for the wherewithal to pull that play off.  Most guys are just going to slide in anyway, give up or forget the rules of baseball and try and truck the catcher (yeah, they changed that rule, unfortunately).  Not J.P.  He’s playing multi-dimensional chess while I’m trying to figure out the rules to checkers.

Keep it coming, J.P.  I can wait to see you in red pinstripes.

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I grew up in Springfield, Delaware County. From about two-years-old on, sports were my thing. If I wasn't watching them, I was outside in the yard, street, park, wherever, playing them. I had an immediate love for the Flyers and Phillies and have followed both as long as I can remember. I moved to Maine a few years back, chasing a dream to work in sports. I'm still following that dream and Sons of Saxer is the perfect place for that path to continue.

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