Ultimate Fantasy Draft – DB

Defensive backs are wide receivers that can’t catch.  Who will we pick?  Hit the jump to find out.  Only two more days left!

Day 1 – Quarterbacks

Day 2 – Running backs

Day 3 – Wide receivers/Tight ends

Day 4 – Specialists

Day 5 – Offensive linemen

Day 6 – Defensive linemen

Day 7 – Linebackers


Defensive back (1)

Round 1

  1. Matt: Stefan Djordjevic – All The Right Moves
  2. Holden: Earl Wilkinson – The Replacements
  3. Kirk: Petey Jones – Remember the Titans
  4. Dan: Brian Chavez – Friday Night Lights (film)



I love Tom Cruise.  I’ve never seen this movie.  The internet says that he’s a good defensive back in this movie.  I don’t really care either way because Tom Cruise was on the board and if I didn’t pick him, the lizard-king would come down from the sky to slay me, or whatever Scientology is.  Great.  Now I’ve pissed off the Scientologists and PETA.  I love Tom Cruise.


Earl Wilkinson is out on work release, but is still an exceptional player. My locker-room is going to be a lot of fun, and there is a high likelihood of issues, but this is about talent. My team has tons of talent, and that’s all that matters.


Petey was a running back that had trouble holding onto the football.  His hands may suck, but it’s a good thing DBs are expected to stop passes, not catch them. He can cover anyone and has a natural talent at the corner position.


Chavez is the man. He’s another All-American kind of guy and a great team presence. He’ll be a lock down player no doubt. He’s smart and was headed places after Perman. He’s best friends with my fullback. They’re going to go out and shoot beer cans with shotguns during their down time. What could go wrong there?


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