Ultimate Fantasy Football – Specialist

After three days of marquee positions, we turn to the specialists.  These guys are wildcards (on and off the field).  No real rules here, so let’s see how creative the boys were in their picks.  Specialists are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Day 1 – Quarterbacks

Day 2 – Running backs

Day 3 – Wide receivers/Tight ends


Specialist (1)

Round 1

  1. Matt: Forrest Gump – Forrest Gump
  2. Holden: Clifford Franklin – The Replacements
  3. Kirk: Spike Hammersmith – Little Giants
  4. Dan: Don Billingsley – Friday Night Lights (film)



This should need no explanation.  Are Dante Hall and Devin Hester even in the NFL without Forrest, Forrest Gump?  He paved the way for kick returners in the modern game.  Legendary Alabama coach Bear Bryant, talking about his star player, said “he must be the stupidest son of of a bitch alive, but he sure is fast.”  A former All-American, Gump would put Chris Johnson on notice with his 40-time.  Plus, he (probably) already has CTE so we don’t have to worry about concussion protocol.


Clifford Franklin was a top target of Jimmy McGinty’s when he took over the Washington Sentinels during the lockout.  Why?  Speed.  Franklin can’t catch, but if Nelson Agholor can make 4.8M per year, you bet there’s a spot for him on this team.  Get the ball in his hands somehow, and he’ll make the magic happen.


My plans for a specialist were foiled by Matt and Holden, taking all three players I considered (Air Bud, Forrest Gump and Clifford Franklin).  Spike was the talk of the town and had both O’Shea brothers racing to get him.  He can play on both sides of the ball and has a bit of a mean streak.  Did he unravel in the fourth quarter?  Yes he did, but throw a #5 on his jersey and we’ve been there before.  He’s a monster with real physical tools, I’m happy.


He knows first-hand how to deal with drunks and divas, so he’ll fit right in.  I’m confident he can contribute on special teams and in certain offensive packages, assuming he doesn’t fumble the ball.  And we all know what happens when he fumbles the ball.  His dedication to finding his father’s ring proved to me he’s willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.  I’ll park Tim McGraw on the sideline just to be safe.

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