Ultimate Fantasy Football – RB

Day 1 of the draft was full of twists and turns as the Sons selected their quarterbacks.  What did day two have in store?  Can raw talent outweigh character issues?  Let’s just say, there’s a lot of both.


Day 1 – Quarterbacks


Running back (2)

Round 1

  1. Matt: Boobie Miles – Friday Night Lights (film)
  2. Holden: Darnell Jefferson – The Program
  3. Kirk: Wendell Brown – Varsity Blues
  4. Dan: Julian Washington – Any Given Sunday

Round 2

  1. Matt: Tim Riggins – Friday Night Lights (TV)
  2. Holden: Demetrius “DH” Harris – Playmakers
  3. Kirk: Earl Megget – The Longest Yard (2005)
  4. Dan: Smash Williams – Friday Night Lights (film)


“Y’all wanna win?  Put Boobie in.”  Sold.  Boobie Miles is a king.  Before his tragic injury, there was no one better than Boobie.  He was a Texas football icon, rushing for nearly 1400 yards in 1987 and had offers from Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and LSU among others.  Plus, I’m pairing him with a better version of Billingsley – Tim Riggins.  Where to begin?    There are much better players out there, but try finding someone more loyal and fearless to clear the way.  I’ll wait.  Texas forever.


In The Program, Darnell Jefferson was a hot-shot freshman running back,who took the other guys job and girl (who happened to be Halle Berry) . Once Jefferson sorted out his fumbling issue, he was a real talent for his team. My team is going to tote the rock heavy, and needs game breakers at running back to accomplish that.  Harris is a real talent, but was the 5th running back taken because of off the field issues. We don’t care about off-the-field issues on my squad. During Playmakers, Harris’s issues ran the gamut from drug use to strip clubs, even murder. What more could you want from a star running back?


Earl Megget was an animal in the Longest Yard remake.  Sports on earth  ran his numbers and they’re as eye-popping as the moves Megget pulls off; find me a player on the street (or cell block) putting up 24 YPC.  He’s an all-purpose back and a bonafide star.  I took Wendell Brown first because, well, the kid was a stud.  These two are going to run wild.  Good luck everybody else.


Good luck shutting down this run game. Julian Washington is a freak. He’s powerful and fast. Is he a diva? Maybe. Lucky for him the coaching staff is going ground-and-pound all day. Oh, and on the few occasions he’s exhausted, I’m bringing in Smash Williams. He’s electric, elusive, and a force to be reckoned with. They’re both natural athletes who can carve up defenses. Both Washington and Williams can catch, allowing Falco or Uncle Rico the ability to use them with ease.

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