Conference Championship – LOCKS OF THE CENTURY!

Looking for some betting advice?  Keep reading to see who the boys picked this week! (You should probably bet on who Holden picked if you’re actually looking to make money…)

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

Standings thru Week 1: Holden – 6-2, Kirk – 5-3, Dan – 5-3, Matt – 4-4

Dan: Surprise, I’m sticking with Aaron Rodgers again. What he’s been able to accomplish, not only in the playoffs but over the past few weeks of the season, has been something magical. The game should be a wild shootout between two gunslingers, but I’m giving the edge to Green Bay. They’re destined for a matchup with New England in the Superbowl. At some point, I’m hoping my prediction of some Olivia Munn TV time will finally come true. Maybe. Hopefully. Please.  The Steelers didn’t score a single touchdown in last week’s win against a good Kansas City defense, but they still managed to eek out a win thanks to Boswell’s leg. The New England defense may not play as well as KC on Sunday, but their offense is significantly more potent than anything Alex Smith could put together. I expect Pittsburgh has a more productive offensive effort, but won’t be able to slow down Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Kirk: In the NFC, it’s really a toss-up with this game.  Atlanta and Matty Ice have been good all year, but when a guy says, “we’re gonna win out” and doesn’t lose after that, how do you pick against him?  Ryan looked great against Seattle and the Packers D was second worse in pass yards allowed per game.  But Atlanta was bottom-five in the same category.  Gotta go Pack.  In the AFC, I think New England wins, I just think it’s close.  Since Brady has been in Foxborough the Pats are 16-3 at home.  Fact.  Belichick can coach.  Bears.  Beets.  Patriots at Foxborough.  Mark it eight, dude.

Holden: Atlanta is one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now, but I just can’t bring myself to pick against Rodgers. There is simply no one playing at a higher level then Rodgers right now. Atlanta may have the better team, and is at home, but it is all about peaking at the right time. Moving on to New England and Pittsburgh. I think New England wins the game, but I think the line is a little steep. Brady pulls the game out in the end and the Patriots win on a Gostkowski field goal.  

Matt:  Two really good games this weekend – hopefully, unlike the majority of playoff football this winter, the games live up to the hype.  Aaron Rodgers is the most talented QB in NFL history (!!!) but the Green Bay secondary would is a wasteland; good luck stopping Julio Jones!  The Falcons have been the best team in the NFL not from New England for most of the season, and I expect them to march on to the Super Bowl.  Speaking of the Patriots, I’m worried.  They have Tom Brady, they’ll be well prepared, and they have Tom Brady.  But without Gronk, this team is missing something – can they score enough to keep up with the Steelers?  You can’t stop Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, and just one of them can take over a game and beat you.  Even if they can’t squeak it out, I expect the Steelers to cover.

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