Divisional Picks!

Line Dan Kirk Holden Matt
Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons -4 SEA SEA ATL ATL
Houston Texans vs New England Patriots -16 NE NE NE HOU
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs -1 PITT PITT PITT KC
Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys -4 GB DAL GB GB

Standings thru Week 1:
Kirk – 3-1, Dan – 2-2, Holden – 2-2, Matt – 2-2

Dan: I said it last week, I’m calling a Green Bay v. New England Superbowl. Dallas is nothing but a speed-bump for Aaron Rodgers. The Dallas defense is good, but it’s going to break against Green Bay’s high-powered offense. Another 4 TD day for Aaron Rodgers as GB rolls through the NFC.


Kirk: Kansas City had 4 losses on the year, one a crushing 43-14 loss to Pittsburgh.  KC is home this time, but as an Eagles fan, my faith in Big Red to get the job done in January is minimal.  Interesting side note—in KC’s 12 wins they failed to score 20 points just once.  In their four losses, they never topped 17 points.  If Pitt’s D is once again able to handle Alex Smith (not the hardest thing to do), the Steelers should be moving on.

Holden: Usually with such an enormous line for a playoff game, I’d take the underdog hoping for a backdoor cover. I think that Tom Brady is on a mission for redemption this season. Statistically, he’s had the highest grade ever from Pro Football Focus at 99.3. Brady will send a message against a wounded Houston team and stick it to Roger Goodell with every touchdown pass. Houston has a zero percent chance of winning this football game.  Book it.

Matt:  Better games!  Woohoo!  Looking forward to the Falcons proving they’re elite against an overrated Seahawks team.  They should have won earlier in the year and Dan Quinn will get some redemption against his old crew in the rematch.  I think Houston covers just based off the enormous line.  They will lose though, don’t get excited.  Andy loves bye weeks and the Chiefs are really good – expect the weekly Big Ben turnovers to burn them even more than usual.  And in the final game of the week, I expect Rodgers to continue his tear.  They will want Dallas to get into a shootout and abandon the run, so in that scenario, I lean in their direction.

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