Wildcard Weekend Picks

Who are the boys choosing to win this week?  Take a peek below and bet the other way.

  Line Dan Kirk Holden Matt
Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans -4 OAK HOU OAK OAK
Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks -8 DET DET SEA SEA
Miami Dolphins vs Pittsburgh Steelers -10 PITT PITT MIA PITT
New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers -4.5 GB GB GB NYG


Dan: I’ve got my sights set on an Aaron Rodgers v. Tom Brady Superbowl and the Giants aren’t getting in the way of that. Rodgers is going to be a gunslinger on Sunday afternoon and come up big. Expect 4 TD’s and generous amounts of Olivia Munn.

Kirk: The Giants will give A-Rod and the Pack a run for their money, but they’ll come up short.  They played each other early in the year before both teams found their grooves, and the Pack won 23-16.  I think the Giants will hang around, but Green Bay will pull away late.  And in the first game this weekend, I’m going out on a limb–I think we see some redemption in Houston.  Brock Osweiler will look better after demotion, throwing for 300 yards against a lowly Oakland defense.

Holden: I feel really bad for Oakland. Up until Derek Carr broke his leg, it looked like the Raiders were Super Bowl contenders. Connor Cook, the third-string quarterback, is making his first NFL start. With that being said, Oakland is the better team and there is no book on Cook. At Michigan State, Cook led his team to the College Football Playoff. I think Oakland will shock a lot of people and win the game.  Outright.

Matt:  This is the worst weekend of playoff football I can ever remember.  I predict this is a forgettable week of football and hope that Alabama vs. Clemson is better than this dreck.  Bold prediction?  Oakland wins in the trenches (or at least enough to cover) despite Connor Cook.  Packers will win but 4.5 points is a lot when you’re sharing the fields with polar bears in Lambeau.


*Lines from Bovada as of 1/5

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