A Way Too Early W/L Prediction for the 2017 Birds

It’s just about that time of year where Eagles fans are looking ahead to the next iteration of the Birds. If you’re interested in draft predictions, go ahead and check out Holden’s 2017 Mock. Today, though, I’m going to take a way too early look at the Eagles 2017 schedule and try to come up with some win/loss predictions.


If you haven’t seen this already, the Eagles home and away opponents were officially locked in on December 27th.

Home – Dallas, New York Giants, Washington, Arizona, San Francisco, Denver, Oakland, and Chicago.

Away – Dallas, New York Giants, Washington, Los Angeles, Seattle, Kansas City, San Diego, and Carolina.

Notable takeaways:
• @ Seattle…again
• Lot’s of West Coast travel
• Games against Big Red AND Chip Kelly (assuming he hasn’t been kicked to the curb by that point).

Depending on how Arizona and Carolina rebound, it could be a pretty tough schedule. Obviously, this is speculation and might change depending on the timing of these games, but here we go.

Home Games:
DallasWin. They played Dallas well and the Eagles are ideally going to improve areas of need in the offseason.
New York GiantsWin. For some reason, Philly always plays New York well. I’m predicting that trend continues in 2017.
WashingtonWin. I think they split with Washington and win at home.
ArizonaWin. I don’t think Arizona improves enough in the offseason to pull out a road win. It could be a good defensive battle, but I think the Birds get it done.
San FranciscoWin. This team and this city will not let Chip Kelly come back to Philadelphia and win, especially if Desean Jackson resigns in the offseason.
DenverLoss. I think Denver figures it out in the offseason. They’ll come into Philadelphia and get a hard-fought road win.
OaklandLoss. Oakland is a good team. Derek Carr can really chuck it and the Raiders will outgun the Birds.
ChicagoWin. Even with a new QB, the Bears are going to be bad. No Alshon means Eagles win.

Away Games:
DallasLoss. They’re a well-rounded, talented team. I don’t see the Eagles winning both.
New York GiantsWin. I think they sweep the Giants next season. McAdoo and Manning seemed to work better when he was the OC, not HC.
WashingtonLoss. Washington wins one at home.
Los AngelesWin. Even though the Eagles struggled a bit on the road last season, I think Los Angeles has too much to do in the offseason to be too competitive. Still probably a good day for Gurley though.
SeattleLoss. At Seattle two years in a row. Tough schedule and another road loss. jedireid
Kansas CityLoss. I’d like to think that Padawan Pederson could go back into Kansas City and outcoach his former Jedi Master Hoagie-Wan, but I think the Eagles might be a year or two away from that. Tough defensive battle, but Kansas City gets the win.
San DiegoWin. They lost to the Browns. They have a lot of holes to fill. Eagles come up with a road win.
CarolinaLoss. If Carolina gets back on track this offseason, I think it’s a road loss for the Birds. Carolina is too good to be mediocre for long.

Overall record: 9-7.

It would be a step in the right direction for the Eagles after this past season, but I would have liked to see 10 wins. They go 4-2 in the division but have some tough opponents. If Carolina or Denver fail to turn it around, I could definitely see a 10-6 season.

A lot of this depends on the draft and free agency. Carson needs some better weapons and protection. The defense needs some help in the secondary. If Howie can bring in some talent at WR, RB, and CB, I think the Eagles can be well-rounded, and more productive on both sides of the ball.

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